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Hong Kong's chief executive apologizes for travel incidents


The loan of 15 million US dollars has a 24-year term, including an 8-year grace period with an interest rate of 1 percent and 1.5 percent for the balance term.


The worsening international situation, and the growing risks facing the eurozone, present challenges for British exporters and business confidence as a whole.

Kyrgyz president extends condolences to Iran over earthquake victims

Boyce peruses the best of Peru in Beijing and suggests some quirky cocktails

The story of the young man, Ni Qingpeng, is indicative of the fact that his corps clearly wasn’t fit for such a tall person: his feet would dangle off his bed, which was only 1.9 meters long, and his uniform and boots were also too small to fit his formidable frame.

One source inside the Beijing Heating Association, who asked to remain anonymous, suggested that around 35 - 40 percent of the city was still burning coal as its main source of heating, based on last year's figures. It's still easy to get coal if you need it, says Shen, an elderly resident who lives behind the Drum Tower. The tricycles pass by regularly, they take a small fee for transport, and charge a yuan and a half per block (cylinder) for coal.

South Korea offers to send flood aid to North Korea普通关键词7-25天上首页

Critics warn NZ risks Security Council bid by pulling out of aid agency普通关键词7-25天上首页

The traffic really dampens the spirit of tourists visiting Bali, and there needs to be a solution, said US citizen Radu Frentiu.

The Supreme People's Court (SPC) declared Tuesday that it would carefully review the death sentence of Wu Ying, a Zhejiang businesswoman guilty of illegal fundraising, sparking speculation of a possible retrial.

Police beat down crime

Many people have difficulty securing train tickets or finding other ways to make it home during the holiday, as hundreds of millions of people fight to purchase a limited number of tickets. Migrant workers, who make up the bulk of holiday travelers, have the hardest time, as they often do not have the money or means to purchase tickets.

The investment plan aimed to promote the application of IT technology in all industrial sectors, while developing indigenous technologies to dominate the future's new market, the ministry said.

Turkey to respond stronger if Syria continues to attackTurkey

The disagreement revolves around how to deal with Iran's continued efforts to develop nuclear weapons, and that there are basically three possible means to deal with the issue: one is heavier sanctions, number two, negotiations, and number three, a military strike, Gilboa said.

Many people in Western countries have not changed their doubtful attitudes toward Russia. They have already painted some dark colors for Russia's future in their own heads. But, no matter whether the Western countries can receive or tolerate a Russia with a different political stand to them, Russia will insist on its own road to revival, which will be decided by the history and cultural tradition of the country.

Voices on enterprises' corporate social responsibility

Although like every newspaper in town, Lifestyle has given ample page space to the phenomenon of post-holiday syndrome, a medical problem that affects people after holidays and makes them loathe to go back to work, this year we've uncovered information indicating that different people, like students and the elderly, experience post-holiday syndrome in different manifestations.

TAIC has not determined whether or not maintenance issues were a factor in the accident, said Douglas.

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Jordan govt approves new measures to reduce deficit路(纯干货)

BOJ announces further monetary easing to tackle deflation

China pledged full fledged support for next month's G20 leaders summit in France, as the deepening eurozone crisis threatens to tip the global economy back into recession.

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Top Chinese travel agency's profits up 67 pct

Defense budget guards peaceful intentions

Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Saturday at least 148 people were reported dead in the Mekong River and flash floods hitting Cambodia from August 13 to Sept. 30. Of the dead, 52 were children.

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Clash leaves an Afghan police, 9 Taliban dead

‘Life of Pi’ movie lifeboat for sale at $40,000

It is reported that Apple engineers contacted some iPhone 4S owners in Britain and installed a diagnosis file on their devices to send details back to the company's headquarter in Cupertino, California.

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Cop strop

China Exclusive: Japanese carmakers absent from China auto show

Chinese President Hu Jintao and chairman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC) Wu Bangguo will meet with Putin.

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SCO, rather than military alliance, serves as regional stabilizer?

Macao's visitor spending increases 20% in 2011

Toyota Motor said Wednesday it will recall about 550,000 units globally, including Lexus models, because of a potentially faulty crankshaft pulley that could cause noise and make steering more difficult.A Toyota spokeswoman said that the company had logged 79 complaints worldwide over the defect, but the company said it had received no reports of accidents or injuries related to the fault.

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Ships hung up as water plan in south put in effect ?

Credit Suisse to cut bonus pool

Liu admits to possessing an introverted personality that hasn’t made him a great deal of friends. When it comes to math, however, his passion ignites.

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Shock at dog bite stats素有哪些?

EU in fresh trouble in new summit

Iranian lawmakers, some crying Death to Britain, adopted an emergency bill on Wednesday to be voted on Sunday that would downgrade diplomatic relations to the level of charge d'affaires if passed, the legislature's website said.

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First women-initiated bank launched in Ethiopia

Chinese military official meets Maldives defence minister

In cold, wet conditions at Yeongam, Hamilton shrugged off a poor run of form with a best time of one minute and 50.828 seconds to outpace McLaren teammate Jenson Button by 0.104 seconds.

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Stabbing puts tourists in hospital

Griffin's triple-double help Clippers beat Bucks 117-101

The rise, to be paid by employers in return for the government delaying a planned tax on factory profits, will come into effect from January, Prime Minister Hun Sen said Wednesday, adding that the extra money could be used toa keep workers healthy.

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Bartender gets five years for stealing pricey booze样提升?

Yemen to resume oil export in 2 weeks

There was some confusion due to communication problems, Susan Hogan, director of community relations for Dulwich College Shanghai, told the Global Times Thursday. But, police apologized for the incident and our students are fine.

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Man dies on overpass教你负面消息处理

People power教你负面消息处理

@江璟琛: Giving birth to a baby in a foreign country costs so much. I'd rather raise my child well with a large amount of money here in China. I think some people might choose to go overseas to have their babies just for their faces, or mianzi, and vanity.

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UN chief slams

Dow, S&P 500 hit new five-year high, buoyed by tech rally

Flaifel said in the second case related to attempted murder of a military personnel on his way to work, 15 defendants were sentenced to 15 years.

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Driver quits job to make fortune as panhandler么意思?

Asian nationalism throws oil on flames

A Bahraini teenager died early Thursday allegedly in relation with violence that have swept the country.

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Cuba announces new agricultural decree

Beautiful female soldier in China's Second Artillery Force

Revenue rose more than 10 percent to 4 billion AU dollars (4.28 billion US dollars), Westfield said.

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conservatives头条Yao Yuqun,网络推广,Han Jiucheng,头条

Men's favourite out to make early mark in London beach volleyball

Man drowns in river

China provides 2-mln-USD humanitarian aid to Syria

10 insurgents killed, 30 detained in Afghanistan

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Ownership cap raised for investment in insurers